I chose to advertise the magazine i designed for my master thesis.

It started off with a launch campaign with provocative headlines that would
point the target group out.
followed by ads on Social Media where the main campaign would be introduced.

The main campaign used the gay codes, known as "flagging" which rarely anyone today knows. Back in the days men used to flag their preferences in clubs by wearing coloured hankys in their pockets. Left for active, right for passive. Every colour stands for a practice or social habitus.
In the following App both campaigns would join to give the brand a look and a hint.

The idea is to keep the future customer curious and talk to him in a language not everyone would understand. This makes sure he knows what the ad/the product is about without spilling the tea to others (such as kids or straight people).

The app has a lot of playful features and informations about gay culture, that change with every update. In the first update the customer learns how to flag.
The first issue comes in a paper box and with a hanky for free.
For Promotion stickers and Flyers with hanky prints are used.
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